Rock'N Tiara

Pajama Tent Party


  • 2 Hrs Hosted Affair
  • Rock’N Tiara Party Hostesses & Glam Squad
  • Up to 10 guests join in on the fun!
  • Custom digital invitations
  • Fun, upbeat and age appropriate music 
  • Access to Rock’N Tiara Dress-up Parlor (jewelry, sunglasses, purses, accessories and more!) 
  • Rock’N Tiara Pajama Fashion Show with fog machine (Rock’N Birthday Girl and her guests must come dressed in the pajama) 
  • Art and Craft (Necklaces and Bracelets) 
  • 6 Glam Tents (Each additional Glam Tent $20) 
  • 1 Large Pink Tent for Birthday Girl! 
  • Floor Balloons 
  • Bed trays to do activities. 
  • Fairy Lights on Glam Tents 
  • Pink Lemonade in Champagne Flutes 
  • Group Photo Session 
  • Choose 2 spa services from (mani, make-up, hair do) 
  • Nail design for Rock’N Birthday Girl 
  • Complimentary Tiara for the Rock’N Tiara Birthday Girl!