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From Dreams to Reality: How Mishka Clarke Built Rock’N Tiara Kids Spa

Mishka Clarke, the founder of Rock’N Tiara Kids Spa, shares her inspiring journey of creating a space where girls of all backgrounds can feel celebrated and represented. Growing up in Jamaica, Mishka drew inspiration from her mother and grandmother, who built successful businesses in the fashion industry. Motivated by their achievements, she left her job in the financial sector to pursue her own passions.



The idea for Rock’N Tiara sparked when Mishka took her daughter to a spa party and realized the staff was unfamiliar with handling her daughter’s unique hair type. This experience highlighted the need for better representation in the industry, leading Mishka to create a spa that goes beyond the traditional princess theme. Rock’N Tiara offers packages and wardrobe options for girls to explore various interests, from rock stars to scientists, aiming to make every girl feel celebrated for who she is.



The journey was not without challenges, especially when the pandemic hit in 2020. However, Mishka and her team adapted by introducing mobile spa and teepee slumber party packages, allowing them to bring the magic directly to customers’ homes. This innovative approach not only saved their business but also revealed a demand for these mobile options.



Rock’N Tiara Kids Spa provides a wide range of services, including Slime Parties, Paint Parties, Tea Parties, Science Parties, and more. Their dedicated Glam Squad professionals handle all aspects of party planning, offering parents a stress-free experience. The Teepee & Slumber Parties stand out as a unique and convenient option, creating unforgettable memories at home or in hotels.



Mishka’s ultimate goal is to bring joy to children and parents alike, while continuously improving and expanding their services. They are even considering franchising Rock’N Tiara, allowing others to provide the same luxury treatments and experiences in different cities and states.



To delve deeper into Mishka’s inspiring story, you can read more about her journey by following the link below:


Meet Mishka Clarke of Rock’N Tiara Kids Spa

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